About Yetta

About Us

Yetta is a next generation Blockchain based upon four years of research and development spun out of the European Union and funded by the European Commission on Blockchain technologies, smart contracts virtual machines, and social and digital currencies.

Yetta advocates keen technological advancements over both Bitcoin and Ethereum with its 3-tier Cyphernode architecture. Enhancements include enhanced privacy, escrow transactions, multi-signature (CypherSig), and a thousand-fold leapfrog in transaction speed.

Yetta is a global monetary innovation comprising three layered innovations: an electronic cash system, a Smart Contracts Operating System (DECODE OS), and a DAPP Store.

Yetta introduces Smart Tokens, a new token standard for hosting regulatory compliant Securitized Token Offerings (STOs) and Utility Token Offerings (UTOs).

Complying with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation, yetta is engineered as an untraceable electronic cash system with enhanced privacy.

The yetta DAPP STORE may comprise hundreds, if not thousands, of applications spanning across many industry sectors all monetized using yetta.

Yetta (ÿ) means “ruler of the household,” where, in this context, ruler is money and household is the global economy.

Our Team

  • Mac Lackey


    Chief Executive Officer

  • Darrell Hubbard

    Darrell Hubbard M.S., MBA

    Chief Innovation Officer

  • Marco Sachy

    Marco Sachy, PhD

    Chief Digital Officer

  • Denis Jaromil Roio

    Denis ‘Jaromil’ Roio, PhD

    Chief Scientific Officer and Blockchain Architect



  • Bernard Lietaer

    Bernard Lietaer, PhD

    President, Foundation Council, Bancor

  • Dr. Jem Bendell

    Dr. Jem Bendell

    Social Sustainability Advisor

  • Roberto Randazzo

    Roberto Randazzo

    Author and Attorney, Social Innovation