Blockchain Smart Contracts


Yetta is a global Blockchain ecosystem of open source decentralized smart contracts spanning the social and civic sectors as well as the public and private sectors.

We are building the most robust and scalable Blockchain innovation based upon a DEcentralised Citizens Owned Data Ecosystem (DECODE).

We introduce Proof of Trust (PoT) as a new energy efficient approach for achieving Blockchain consensus.

D-Apps Store

The Yetta Foundation embraces a global community of open source Smart Contracts developers. Our community must review and approve all D-Apps before including them on the Yetta Blockchain.

European Union

Research and Development

Yetta is the adoption of several Blockchain R&D Initiatives within the European Union sponsored by the European Commission.

This looks really interesting and potentially world transforming.

Tim Draper

Yetta Token Sale


We invite you to become a member of the Yetta Foundation by purchasing Yetta Tokens.

Yetta is the New Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a receiver-side protocol, meaning you can only send Bitcoin to those who have a Bitcoin Wallet; whereas, yetta (ÿ) is a sender-side protocol, meaning you can send yetta (ÿ) to anyone regardless of whether they have a Yetta Wallet or not, because the Yetta Protocol handles the conversion to the destination currency intrinsically, similar to how Bill Pay works with banks.

This enables yetta (ÿ) to become a real-world currency for trade and payments to over 100 million merchants worldwide on day one.