About Yetta

About Us

Yetta seeks to scale and deploy several years of Research and Development within the European Union on Blockchain Technology and supporting applications sponsored by the European Commission and developed by the Dyne.org team.

yetta (ÿ) is a global monetary innovation advancing the current state of the art in digital currency, payment systems, and decentralized smart contract applications. The Yetta Blockchain enhances the features of Bitcoin by providing three levels of irreversibility, multi-signature encryption, more scalable and faster transaction speed, and a more energy-efficient Blockchain consensus.

First, we are releasing the Yetta Blockchain based on a Proof of Trust (PoT) consensus algorithm and the Yetta Virtual Machine based upon the DECODE OS developed by the European Union. We will deploy in-house designed and developed real-world Decentralized Applications (D-Apps) spanning across the Social and Civic Sectors as well as the Public and Private Sectors.

Yetta introduces a progressive monetary system that expands economic activity, encourages trade, fosters job creation, and raises education and living standards throughout the world. We are missioned to advance social and human development and economic wellness leveraging disruptive and transformative Blockchain technology, smart contracts, and similar innovative technologies.

yetta (ÿ) is a Hebrew name meaning “ruler of the household,” where, in this context, ruler is money and household is the global economy.

Road Map

Our Team

  • Mac Lackey


    Chief Executive Officer

  • Darrell Hubbard

    Darrell Hubbard M.S., MBA

    Chief Innovation Officer

  • Marco Sachy

    Marco Sachy, PhD

    Chief Digital Officer

  • Denis Jaromil Roio

    Denis ‘Jaromil’ Roio, PhD

    Chief Scientific Officer and Blockchain Architect

  • Patricia SA Ez Blasco

    Patricia SA Ez Blasco, PhD

    Social Impact Officer

  • Logan Dickerson


    Creative Director

  • Pierluigi Newmark Maori

    Pierluigi "Newmark" Maori

    Senior Blockchain Developer

  • Murali Cheruvu

    Murali Cheruvu

    Senior Blockchain Developer

  • Aspasia Beneti

    ASPASIA Beneti

    Senior Blockchain Developer

  • Manuela Annibali

    Manuela Annibali

    Business Analyst


  • Bernard Lietaer

    Bernard Lietaer, PhD

    President, Foundation Council, Bancor

  • Dr. Jem Bendell

    Dr. Jem Bendell

    Social Sustainability Advisor

  • Roberto Randazzo

    Roberto Randazzo

    Author and Attorney, Social Innovation