Let's Monetize Innovation Together


Yetta is a Global Monetary Innovation and advances the State of the Art for both Electronic Cash Payments and Smart Contracts computing.

We are building a most robust Smart Contracts OS based upon a DECODE, DEcentralised Citizens Owned Data Ecosystem, validated by the European Union.

We introduce Proof of Trust (PoT) as a new energy efficient Blockchain consensus.

Yetta also supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Agenda and seek to deploy a comprehensive portfolio of DAPPS to improve the quality of life for citizen around the world.

The DApps Store

Yetta embraces a global community of open source Blockchain Developers and Innovators.
Blockchain Companies will be able to create tokens and ICO
on the Yetta Blockchain as a Decentralized Governance Organization (DGO).
See New Token Standard Whitepaper.

Sample Public Sector DAPPS

European Union

Research and Development

Yetta is the adoption of several Blockchain R&D Initiatives funded by the European Union and supported by Member States.

This looks really interesting and potentially world transforming.

Tim Draper

Bitcoin vs. Yetta

Yetta builds upon the innovation of Bitcoin and advocates:

  • Faster Processing
  • Lower Fees
  • Enhanced Privacy
  • Energy efficient

Yetta Presale and ICO


Earn residual income as a Cyphernode.